What is a kitchen witch? What do you do? Who is a witch?

I grew up very confused about what a modern witch was – insert scary stories about Satan worship, human sacrifice, and general evil. I didn’t personally know any Pagans and/or witches so I was unable to learn the truth until I was a free-thinking adult. It was about four years ago, during a tumultuous time in my life. I was busily researching a myriad of beliefs and found myself interested in Paganism. The simple earthiness I read about was tangible, grounding, and somehow familiar. I had always been deeply connected to the Earth in a spiritual way, I just hadn’t understood that because of the parameters of my previous faith. Within the Pagan umbrella of beliefs I found room for both mystics and skeptics, polytheists and atheists, and everyone in between. I learned about shamans, Druids, Wiccans, witches and many others. A witch is someone who practices magic. Magic is simply directing you will, intent, and energy to accomplish what you want. This is what I love about witches – they don’t wait for things to happen, they work to make them happen! šŸ˜Š There are many different Types of witches; I found the description of kitchen witch most befitting my chosen spiritual path.*

A kitchen witch turns the everyday tasks of hearth and home into opportunities to practice magic. Carefully choosing the correct herbs and seasonings for a meal, choosing an essential oil to diffuse or use while cleaning, and preparing things like herbal infusions for medicinal purposes can all take on spiritual ramifications for the kitchen witch. I see it as my spiritual responsibility to keep my apartment’s energy clean and safe, so I burn beeswax candles and periodically smudge the place with sage. Big Brother loves to have a turn smudging and used to ask to smudge the bedroom each night to help him calm his bedtime fears; he also enjoys adding love to the things he helps me bake. Little Brother regularly joins me as I sing while grinding herbs in the mortar and pestle while cooking. Sharing a pot of tea with my husband is a ritual of love and connection. If one of us is sick, that pot of tea is probably full of herbs specially chosen for healing (catnip tea is a favorite). And then there’s food. From planning a meal to eating it, I seek to be very intentional. My kitchen witchery brings me and the family great joy!

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*edited 7/9 to add: I’ve struggled with my spiritual path quite a bit ever since learning about Paganism. I initially felt at home and quickly recognized my identity as a witch, but outside pressure and fear drove me away for a time. I’ve explored other spiritual paths over the last few years, but I always came back to earth-based spirituality. In recent months I finally re-acknowledged my witchiness and released my fears; I’m happier for doing so.