It all began with a question: 

Why do modern women cover their heads?

As a feminist, I thought most women wrapped due to patriarchal oppression; I found the exact opposite! Research brought stories and ideologies from around the world – some related to patriarchal oppression, but in many situations women considered it their personal choice. I found it fascinating how these women felt more beautiful, self-respected, reverent, and even empowered by this simple act. In April I came across a Pagan women’s story and decided to try head covering for myself.

In early April I wrote:

I’m acting on a hunch – covering my head will cut back on the “noise” that gets in my brain and adds to my anxiety. 

I’m very sensitive to the energies around me and find that my anxiety/stress frequently stems from the energies of others. I don’t know much about chakras, but I read somewhere about a woman using a headscarf to protect her 1st chakra from outside energies. If this works out I’m going to be soooo happy! I think huge amounts of my anxiety is coming straight from my excessively anxious, volatile, special-needs son.

A few days later I concluded: 

I’m totally sold on head covering as a means to block unwanted energies. Now to figure out how to incorporate it into everyday life… gracefully. I feel so much lighter when I cover, presumably because all the other energies weigh me down. Being an empath is interesting and not something I chose, but it’s who I am and I’m finally learning how to live with it.

In late May I wrote:

I like wrapping my head up in a scarf. I’ve decided to refer to this as head wrapping instead of head covering. “Covering” signifies submission, and I’m not doing this as an act of submission. Wrapping is empowering to me on so many levels: 

1. I have chosen to do it for myself, not because of anyone else or any ideology 

2. I’ve followed my intuition in this choice (instead of silencing my intuition out of fear) 

3. I feel better when I wrap, so choosing to continue is practicing self-care 

4. I think it’s beautiful and I feel beautiful doing it. 

I think this is a small but hugely important step toward me growing into who I want to be – who I really am when I don’t try to shift into who others want me to be. I’m building my own identity and I love it ❤️ 

And I’m still wrapping! It’s not a religious conviction or requirement, so I don’t do it 24/7. I do it when I feel like I need to put my head on straight – “I tell Little Brother, “Mama needs to put her head on.” I enjoy how put-together and powerful I feel with a beautiful wrap around my head. It’s my crown when I need to remember I’m the queen of my life and household. 

I got some new scarves at the thrift store yesterday and ❤️ them. A soft black muslin, a sheer black with stars and the moon, and a shimmery sari with orange to pink ombré at each end. Scarves could easily become an addiction, but at least they don’t take up much space and are about $3 at the thrift store.

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