Making pizza from scratch has always been one of those things I oooed and awed over – crafty, gourmet people did it; home baked bread (not pan bread, but the REAL stuff) and from-scratch pie crusts are in that category too. I’ve tried making these from-scratch goodies before, but found I wasn’t naturally good at it (unlike my husband!) and am downright impatient. 😁 

About a year ago I was looking at various educational methods and found myself enchanted by the Waldorf model. Fairies and gnomes dance about while angelic children make watercolor paintings, knit, and play with their all-wood toys. Okay, so I realize it isn’t all as picture-perfect as that. It sounded like heaven and still kind of does, but my family as a whole definitely didn’t mesh with it. I’ve learned (and am still learning) a lot from the Waldorf ideology, though. One thing that stuck out was the practice of regularly having children make bread – the yeasty, amazing kind that has to be kneaded by hand. Can anyone say sensory play? Also, hurray for valuable life skills and children being involved in making their food!

In the present, I’m trying to include my boys in the food-making process. We don’t have a garden this year, so we aren’t involved in the growing, but we do talk about farms and farmers and how our food comes to us. I’m teaching them (and myself) how to respect what we’ve been blessed with by using it in a nourishing way with as little waste as possible. They help me grocery shop and we talk about what we’ll make with the food, and sometimes they help make it. 

Today we all made pizzas! There were blood, sweat, and tears involved, but the kids loved it and the end results were delicious. Big Brother, who has sensory processing disorder, particularly enjoyed kneading his dough. I foresee much more of this sort of baking in our future. 😊 Our pizza crust recipe came from The Vegan Family Cookbook.

As an aside: I am intolerant of gluten but the rest of the family are not. They used regular wheat flour for their pizzas, so I taped down some wax paper to form a safe surface for me to knead my dough on. Some people are more sensitive than me and require a 100% gluten-free household. Thankfully my body’s sensitivity is not as serious as that! Since the rest of my family eats dairy and I can’t (casein allergy), I’ve realized I need two cheese graters to prevent cross-contamination risks.