This morning Big Brother had his first official day of school; he is so thrilled at the concept of doing school that he wanted me to request that someone shoot off fireworks for us tonight in celebration. He’s feeling quite grown up and was pleased to hear that he is in kindergarten (so now when everyone asks him if he’ll be in kindergarten this year he’ll have an answer). 

So what did we do? We started school around 10:30AM, after Hubby got off to work and I got some dishes washed and the living room tidied for our circle time. We had a lovely circle time that included singing, movement and stretching, poetry, stories, and more singing. After circle time I helped him craft a necklace by threading bits of felt with a needle and thread. We sang some more as we crafted and he made a game of finding words that rhyme. And then we were done. The boys ate a light snack and watched Octonauts while I prepped lunch; then we sat together to eat lunch before the boys went back to free time and  Little Brother got ready for his afternoon nap. 

Nothing extravagant or rigorous – instead it was all fun and happy and musical; exactly how kindergarten should be. 😊 I’m thrilled with how magical and intentional our time together felt. 

Prepping the night before.
Decompressing with Octonauts
Snack tray: cheese, tomatoes, and homemade bread
Big Brother dubbed me “Queen of Felt”
A rustic bread pudding made from local milk, local eggs, and homemade bread; porridge made from barley – the boys loved it