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Fight for the rights of ALL human beings.
Speak out for ALL life.
Help children learn how to make peaceful choices; demonstrate that we CAN all get along.
Expose children to diversity through media, books, and everyday life.
Support local, small businesses as much as possible.
Regularly volunteer with the local pregnancy helpline, raise awareness of diaper need, help connect other volunteers with the opportunity to help, and spread the word to families who need it.
Organize work parties for the local pregnancy helpline/diaper bank/sharing center. And sing Christmas carols!
Stand tall by refusing to accept the violence of either political party.
Engage others in conversations about what it means to be a pro-life feminist. Click for story.
Raise awareness of perinatal mental health problems and support mothers as they struggle to adjust postpartum.
Fight for little lives by raising awareness about the lifesaving abilities of human milk by leading a Miracle Milk Stroll in 2015.
Love and raise a child I didn’t give birth to.
Support and represent causes that matter to me.
Love Mama Earth and all her people, places, creatures, plants….
Image of the 1st UU principle from the UUA website.
View every human -at all ages and stages – as having inherent worth and dignity.