Three years ago was the last time we truly observed the summer solstice as a family. I was pregnant with Little Brother at the time; after his birth I struggled with trauma, postpartum depression, and the regular craziness of new motherhood plus caring for Big Brother’s special needs (undiagnosed at the time).

Here we are three times around the sun later, celebrating in much the same way as we did before:

We wrote our intentions and wishes for the future onto paper and then folded those up into boats. We dipped the boats in oil and lit them on fire and then I sent them down the river. We also sent sunny flowers down the river and I made a flower crown. It was lovely. Afterward the kids waded in the water and tried to convince us to let them go full-on swimming. At home Hubby built a gorgeous fire in his grill and we shared a late supper and marveled at the length of the day.

After the boys were in bed I settled into my crafty/witchy corner and did a spread.

VIII Strength really stood out to me. Looks like I need to keep at the being strong thing, but I should temper it with patience and gentleness. My time to break free isn’t here yet – again with the patience thing. Overall it was a cohesive reading that delivered its message clearly.

Next year Hubby wants to add canoeing out on the river or lake and releasing the paper boats via canoe; that way we can follow them. I look forward to what another trip around the sun brings us.