Myers-Brigg Personality Type: ENFP – The Campaigner

Occupations: SAHM to a special-needs 5 year old (Big Brother) and a spirited toddler (Little Brother). Learning facilitator for our free-range family.

Pursuits: Learning ALL THE THINGS, studying alternative medicine, kitchen witchery, Tarot reading, learning American Sign Language, music, writing, photography, yoga

Passions: Whole-Life/Non-Violent Feminism, Ethical Vegetarianism, Pacifism, Environmental Activism, Holistic Health Care, Poverty Relief Efforts, Acceptance of & Respect for Diversity

Beliefs: Unitarian Universalism, Earth-Based Spirituality

Thorns: Ehlers-Danlos Type III/Hypermobility, Fybromyalgia, PostPartum Depression, Food Allergies/Intolerances

Dreams: being a member of an intentional community,  having enough space to keep goats and chickens while growing awesome plants, feeling 100% free to be myself