Recently my dear husband completed another circle ’round the sun. He’s not one for big to-dos and fuss, but the kids and I made sure the day was observed with joy and love. Big Brother was beside himself with anticipation as he made big plans: he scoured the house for trinkets he could offer as a gift and then placed them in a special gift box; he drew up birthday hats that we taped onto hats I made using construction paper and yarn; he told me we had to bake a tall cake and decorate it, so we settled on a Legend-of-Zelda-inspired tri-force cake (Hubby loves the games and has enjoyed sharing them with me and the boys). 

I used this recipe for gluten, dairy, and egg free sponge cake; Big Brother added love to the cake batter by blowing kisses as he stirred the batter. ❤️ I’m not a cake-baker or decorator by any stretch of the imagination, but I was pleased with the end results. The chocolate frosting was blessed with finely-ground parsley (for traveling around the sun another year) and the golden frosting was dyed with turmeric and blessed with chamomile (for health). Hubby was pleasantly surprised by the Legend of Zelda theme and felt very loved thank to Big Brother’s sweet efforts. ❤️ I look forward to the joy of celebrating many more birthdays to come with my precious family.