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Wheel of the Year

Summer Solstice 2017

Three years ago was the last time we truly observed the summer solstice as a family. I was pregnant with Little Brother at the time; after his birth I struggled with trauma, postpartum depression, and the regular craziness of new motherhood plus caring for Big Brother’s special needs (undiagnosed at the time).

Here we are three times around the sun later, celebrating in much the same way as we did before:

We wrote our intentions and wishes for the future onto paper and then folded those up into boats. We dipped the boats in oil and lit them on fire and then I sent them down the river. We also sent sunny flowers down the river and I made a flower crown. It was lovely. Afterward the kids waded in the water and tried to convince us to let them go full-on swimming. At home Hubby built a gorgeous fire in his grill and we shared a late supper and marveled at the length of the day.

After the boys were in bed I settled into my crafty/witchy corner and did a spread.

VIII Strength really stood out to me. Looks like I need to keep at the being strong thing, but I should temper it with patience and gentleness. My time to break free isn’t here yet – again with the patience thing. Overall it was a cohesive reading that delivered its message clearly.

Next year Hubby wants to add canoeing out on the river or lake and releasing the paper boats via canoe; that way we can follow them. I look forward to what another trip around the sun brings us.


No church for us this morning. Last night the 6 year old managed to sneak the tub of chocolate ice cream down and eat half a quart in one sitting. He also got down the half a candy bar I was saving for a special treat and ate that all gone. I’m still scratching my head over when he found an opportunity to manage all that. 

It was a terrible night for the whole family; the only person who got any sleep was the 2 year old, but even he ran wildly around until midnight (what on earth!?!?). This comes on the heels of almost a month of sleeplessness due to Halloween and then most of us getting colds. Lack of sleep has me frazzled and feeling ill. I’ve never coped well with lack of sleep, but fibromyalgia has made it an even bigger problem. 

What bothers me most is that he chose to sneak and eat not one but two things he knows he shouldn’t. He’s tried to do this with jars of honey and even jelly in the past, but this chocolate stuff puts it to a whole new level. Locking away every sweet thing doesn’t get to the root of the problem… but what is the root? How do I navigate this as a parent? 

Between illness and official Thanksgiving break, my son will have been out of school for 11 days straight. During this time I’ve watched his behavior spiral back into extreme anxiety and aggression – shouting, screaming, scowling, flailing, acting like a control freak… it’s all back. His complete dependence on the rigid structure school provides is obvious – we made the right decision to put him there – but this dependence on structure scares me. Christmas break is going to be a horrible nightmare unless I find a way to plan every second of every day. Summer break is going to be hell. 

This last month has left me questioning my beliefs in so many ways. I’ve lost my belief that people are inherently good. Now I’m pondering something I was sure I’d never consider again – a sin nature. The level of evil, selfishness, and depravity I’ve seen in the world has shocked me to my core; even more shocking is seeing glints of that same depravity mirrored in the eyes of my children. I see it in myself as I struggle to parent gently in the face of sleeplessness, chronic illness, and high needs/special needs demands from my children. 

As this season of Advent begins, I find myself looking for hope and love in new ways. Hopefully we can gather enough sanity around here to light the first candle and share a moment of peace.

A not-so-happy Halloween 

Late August is Crafting Craze Season

Three years ago I learned how to crochet and, like any excited newbie, I jumped into a tough project with a definite time limit – I made Big Brother’s Halloween costume and made up 50% off the stuff on the fly. And it turned out fine!

Now, with Halloween about two months away, I’ve suddenly got the itch to crochet things again (I blame the Waldorf stuff for getting my fingers itching for yarn). I’m thinking about making the boys Pokemon-themed hooded vests, since Pokemon is the current craze around here. Little Brother adores Pikachu and point to its image and says “Chu!!!” in the cutest voice. For Big Brother, I’m thinking maybe a vest like Ash wears, with a ballcap painted like his???? That one might be a bit too ambitious. I suppose I could try for matching Pikachu sets, or I could make a hooded vest that looks like a pokeball. Or I could reboot the Link theme and do a simple green vest with a dramatically long hood. IDK. I’m already short on time and money so we’ll see if this project is finished by Halloween or if it takes ’til Christmas. Who else is feeling extra crafty these days?

Link has never been cuter! See the rest of the pictures I took here. The hat was based on a free pattern that I can no longer find. The tunic was based off this pattern. The belt and fingerless gloves were made up by me. I used an organic bamboo yarn from Hobby Lobby (don’t remember the name) for the green stuff and a basic cotton yarn for the brown. I purchased the belt buckle piece from Hobby Lobby as well – it’s been the best belt he’s had since it’s so easily adjusted and has stretched and grown with him. He regularly asks me to make him a new one, since this one is much too small.

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